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The city is called “Golden Zhangye” by people. It was an important trading and transportation hub on the ancient Silk Road. The famous Italian traveler Marco Polo lived here for one year. Follow us to explore its natural beauty and witness its glorious past.

3 Days Zhangye Highlights Tour

4 Days Zhangye Hiking Tour

5 Days Zhangye - Alxa youqi Highlights Tour

3 Days Jiayuguan – Zhangye Highlights tour

Without noticing the snow on the Qilian Mountain, I almost have mistaken Zhangye as south China.

The Chinese Folk Proverbs

Lost Qilian Mountain, Our animals will not thrive any more.

Fork Song Of Huns (2000 years ago)

Lost Yanzhi Mountain, Our girls will not be beautiful any more.

Fork Song Of Huns (2000 years ago)