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Dunhuang - a shinning pearl on the Silk Road

Dunhuang is situated at the westernmost end of the Gansu Corridor . It is in a valley flanked by the two mountain ranges of Qilian and Beishan, with the confluence of two rivers, Sule and Danghe, forming a series of lakes and saline beaches and the Yushuquan basin --- places which attracted settlers in the past, and tourists in the present.

Dunhuang is a little oasis in the vast Gobi desert which a large number of foreign traders and pilgrims had succeeded or failed to reach in historical times because of the endless ocean of sand separating it from the densely peopled areas to its west. Yet, today, it is probably the most fancied oasis on earth.

Dunhuang Kangtai International Travel Agency

Dunhuang Kangtai International Travel Agency is a professional tour agency.
Our honest, hard-working and knowledgeable team stands ready to guide you on your magical Silk Road adventure. Whatever you come for - vacation, photography, exploration or field sport - we can accommodate your special requirements and can arrange an impressive tour at a reasonable cost.

Why Choose Us?

1.Locally Owned and Operated

Dunhuang Kangtai International Travel Agency is a professional travel agency based in Dunhuang -- the center part of the ancient Silk Road in China.

2.Friendly, Knowledgeable Guides

Our guides embody the spirit of the Chinese Northwesterners, welcoming visitors with hospitality and a friendly attitude. We employ the finest guides on the Silk Road, trained by rigorous tests, and prepared as leading experts on the Silk Road history and environment. Entrust yourself to a friendly, professional tour guide from Dunhuang Kangtai International Travel Agency for memorable experiences along the Silk Road.

3.Competitive Price

Our prices are updated constantly to ensure the lowest cost available without compromising quality.

4. No middle man's game

Most of the Silk Road tours in China are operated by big agencies who will hand the clients over to the Silk Road operators. Dunhuang Kangtai International Travel Agency has no middle men. Therefore, you pay less for more.

5.Seven years of experience in the field

We have more than seven years of experience in the travel business. We are well versed with the history, politics, culture, environment of northwestern China,and share this information with our clients as we traverse the historic sites we visit.

6.Risk Free Reservations

Relax and feel confident in your booking, we've got you covered! All your information is encrypted and secure, and we will never sell or share your personal information with anyone outside of our company. If your plans change for any reason, notify us 48 hours in advance and you'll receive a full refund.